Thursday, 30 September 2010

Too cheesy for words

This has NOTHING to do with anything else on this blog but I have to share it...

This is why I love my sister. This is her response to her friend Ben's status on Facebook.

Ben's status read "Ben is having some cheese"

Lucy: Yuck

She later went on to add:

"you are both weird. However, although i said yuck before, i can tolerate some cheeses, but mainly cheddar (never melted though) and philadelphia on a got crumpet can be very satisfying. Parmesan, although it smells a bit of vomit can be nice on pasta and a little feta is acceptable. But i draw the line there. Melted, blue, and smelly goat's cheese are not for me! And ben, i don't believe you had cheese with the president of turkey, sorry, i just don't!"

I love the way that starts with the phrase "you are both weird"...

OCD??? Lucy??? Don't even get her started on peas...



  1. and eating two tic-tacs at a time...

  2. Aah the peas, did someone mention peas :-))

  3. I DO NOT have OCD! I DO NOT have OCD! I DO NOT have OCD! I DO NOT have OCD! I DO NOT have OCD! I DO NOT have OCD! I DO NOT have OCD! I DO NOT have OCD!.....

    I have said that 8 times, so now the world will not explode!


  4. Well I'm glad this post inspired people to write - maybe I should change the focus of my blogging.....???

    I'm assuming Melivin is you Mel??