Friday, 24 September 2010

To pee or not to pee?

I'm sure Roni will thank me for this one day (!) and it has little (if anything) to do with making Aliyah, but I just want to say how proud I am of her continuing progress with the potty. So much so that it has even inspired me with my most recent 'Favourite photo' (just to the right there... you can't miss this one...)

Roni is now convinced she is a very 'big girl' and although it's tinged with sadness as she becomes less and less of a dependent baby, there is much happiness as she asserts her independence (and boy does she ever!) and becomes her own person. This independent little, sorry BIG girl doesn't like: open doors (they must all be closed) apart from when she's asleep, when the door must now be open (it always used to be closed), mummy singing, mummy talking to people and not paying enough attention to Roni, eating with cutlery.

So our big girl will be staying up late for Shabbat dinner with Uncle Charlie. She loves to light her own (soft toy) shabbat candles and say bits of the bracha - mainly because she gets lots of hugs and kisses afterwards. So from us all in Brighton, and especially Roni - "Shabbashlom!" to you all xxx

Have a cuddly Shabbat!

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