Family Album

 Mark & I first went to Israel together in July 2005. Here are some of my favourite pics from that holiday.

My first visit to the famous Metzitzim beach

Mark metzitz! (Mark peeping)

chilling on the beach...

hmmmm... I know they're best friends, but.....

Who is this god emerging from the sea...? Oh, it's Mark...

Little did I know I was marrying into a family of floating heads

My cousin Mirit with Adi and, unbeknown to me at the time, also Shira (prizes are awarded for those of you who can guess where Shira is hiding)

 Introducing my mum and Anthony - they too will be making aliyah soon ... no prizes for guessing when these photos were taken then.

Zionist? Moi?
How old did you say Israel was again?

April 2010 - thanks to a cloud of volcanic ash spreading across Europe we got an extra week's holiday! So we could spend Yom H'Atzmaut with all the family :) big smiles

The calm before the eating...

MMMMMMMoti's yummmy barbeque

(almost) col ha mishpocha

October 2010 - the angel

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