Monday, 23 August 2010

Another one!

I sometimes feel like I am participating in an episode of Aliyah QI. The questions are very hard and the obvious answer is never the right one. Meanwhile the scoring system is completely random and the person who you think comes first usually comes last. With so many members of my family getting to Israel before me, I reckon I must be the Alan Davis of Aliyah QI.

As I've already (jealously) mentioned, Lucy my little sister made aliyah 3 years ago. My mum amd Anthony have now put their house on the market, and will up sticks as soon as they have a sale. Finally, I have just today joined the Facebook group of my cousin, Hayden, who has just set of for the land of milk and honey on a 5 month internship. Another one has beaten me to it! (I'm just waiting to hear that my Nana has quit Donisthorpe for Netanya ...)

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