Monday, 14 November 2011

Special friends

Something a little light-hearted as I summon up the energy to write a proper post, I know it's been a while. This is a very funny and more than a little poignant Israeli advert that a friend of mine posted on Facebook today. I know that the strap line of "In real life this is impossible... but on the internet these kinds of relationships are created every day" is very true - I see these friendships every day on my own Facebook page and the pages of the Groups that forge these links between people. Nice one Barak013.


  1. very nice strong spirit in this ad. peace spirit how much we need it now :) i wish this could be true one day . thanks for share & make me see it :)

  2. Thanks Kontiki,
    I'm very glad you saw my blog and this positive image of friendship.
    This scene will be true one day if we work for it....
    Good luck
    Zoe x