Friday, 5 August 2011

a long time coming...

.... this post, that is. July has been unbelievably hectic, with me working 4 mornings a week on the Young Learner's summer ESL programme as well as 3 afternoons with my regular adult ESL class. I know it's not even full time, but with a 3 year old and a hubby who is lovely but can't cook, there just aint enough hours in the day.

July has been a crazy month all round, really. The Arab Spring rumbles on and nothing much seems to be getting achieved in Libya. And all that's been achieved in Syria is the death of more innocents, with no sign as to how long the rest of the world will allow it to continue (what can 'the rest of the world' even do???)

Meanwhile over in Norway, more atrocious evidence of man's inhumanity to man, as well as sheer evil and stupidity with the actions of Anders Berivik killing 76+ people in some blind, hate-filled, misguided attempt to show the evils of multiculturalism, he only succeeded in increasing hate towards himself.

And of course, that same weekend, we lost a great talent and voice in Amy Winehouse. A woman whose voice and lyrics spoke of the pain and raw emotion she tried to deaden with drugs and alcohol. A sad but hardly unexpectedly early end for Amy, means she joins the 'ranks' of the other tortured yet talented souls in the 27 club - Hendrix,  Joplin, Jones....

I truly hope August is a more august month for this little planet we call earth. I could do with some good news, as could we all, I expect.

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